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The PfR Project




Welcome. You have found The PfR Project.

NEWS: Patrick Andrew is going to release a solo project! His new website will have more information on the album soon. For now, you can sign up for the mailing list, merchandise info, and/or booking info.

OLD NEWS: The following is an interview with Joel Hanson from

"I don't think PFR will be doing another record together. We all are involved in endeavors that we are putting our hearts into. Mark is doing television soundtrack work in Nashville. Patrick is a worship leader for McDowell Mountain Community Church in Scottsdale, AZ. And I am working with a camp in central MN, Camp Shamineau. I also just released regionally a new CD called Broken. You can get info about it at We still play together once in a while. We just did a show in Folsom, CA last month and it was a blast. In fact we'd like to do a few shows together this fall. So call GOA, our booking agent and we'll come have a blast with you."

PfR Solo Projects:

Joel Hanson

  • Captured
  • Broken

Patrick Andrew

  • TBA

PfR Articles and Interviews
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Bios: I've added bios for the members of PfR. These are the same bios that were on the old PfR site (, no longer in service). But since many PfR fans may not have seen them, I felt it would be good to have the bios online again. So, read and enjoy.

Joel's Bio - Pat's Bio - Mark's Bio

Lyrics: I've begun adding PfR lyrics. Here's what I have so far:

Pray for Rain:
Goldie's Last Day:
Great Lengths:
Wonder Why
The Late, Great PfR:

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