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The PfR Project




Patrick Andrew Bio

Full Name: Patrick Dennis Andrew
Born Where and When: Brainerd, Minnesota, March 11, 1971
Family Stats: Parents: Denis & Cindie; siblings Mike & Stacie; wife, Helen
Pets: Iím praying God will bless me with a golden lab which I will name Chris
First Job: Mowing lawns; my brother and I and a friend were "The Groundsmen 3"
Most Embarrassing Moment: My life
Guilty Pleasure: Haagen Daz
Currently In The CD Player: Fritzing on the Beater -The Poises, Veggie-Tales, the songs
You've Been Handed Keys To A Time Machine. Where Are You Going To Go First: The Last Supper
Most Annoying Habit: I bite my nails (fingers, not toes)
Thing You Can't Do To Save Your Life: Fill out questionnaires, play basketball, and much, much more
Most Prized Possession: My new í78 jazz bass, my bible
Best Gift Ever Received: My wife
Worst Movie You've Ever Seen: Waterworld
Cartoon Character That Reminds You of You: Shaggy
Future Plans: Pursue another band, spend more time with Helen, own a coffee house someday
Word or Phrase You Most Overuse: "Ya know?"
Write Your Own Epitaph: "Patrick was one incredible, generous, witty, humble guy" or "I told you I was sick."
Question No One Has Ever Ask You Before: What is your daughterís name?
Answer: I havenít a daughter, but if I did, Iíd name her.
Dream Car: 1972 Chevy Nova - metallic gold (which is usually metallic)
What Product Would You Definitely Endorse If Asked: Pants
First Christian Album: Freedom -Whiteheart or The Turning -Leslie Phillips
Goofiest Thing You Believed As A Child: Mike told me, "If you plug your ears and swear, nobody will hear you." I didn't believe it long.
Worst Trouble You Got In As A Child: Yelling @&*#! with my ears plugged for starters
Best Thing About Traveling With 2 Other Guys: smells
Worst Thing About Traveling With 2 Other Guys: smells
Dream Role In A Movie: Help Joel Hodgson make comments in MST3K
If A Movie Was Made Of Your Life, Who Should Play You?: Andrew McCarthy
Dream Duet: Julio Iglesias
If You Were An Animal, What Would You Be: Sheep - Iím quite gullible
First Car: Datsun 210 hatchback


VACATION SPOT: Big Bear Mountain and Carlsbad, CA
BOOKS: Book of Virtues
MOVIE: Kiss the Phantom
FOOD: croutons
ALBUMS: Rubber Soul -The Beatles, Woodface -Crowded House
HYMN: Great is thy Faithfulness
TV SHOW: Boston Common or Seinfeld
COLOR: yes
CITY: London
ICE CREAM FLAVOR: rainbow sorbet
FAST FOOD DRIVE-THRU ORDER: 2 cheeseburger meal supersized with a coke and a filet of fish
SOAP: shower gel from Bath & Body Works
HOBBIES: reading, chewing fingernails
COLOGNE: Cool Springs
PIZZA: Papa Johnís
BIBLE VERSE: James 1:2
SALAD DRESSING: Thousand Island
SHAMPOO: Aveda - clove
CHILDHOOD TOY: A giant Planet of the Apes puzzle
70s SITCOM: Good Times
HANGOUT: The Brueggerís Bagel Bakery & coffee shop by my apartment

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