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Mark Nash Bio

Full Name: Mark Andrew Nash
Born Where and When: Hopkins, Minnesota, April 29, 1971
Family Stats: Parents: Sam & Ethel; siblings Lori, Leslie, Jeff; wife, Leigh
Pets: A ferret named Hatie
First Job: Paper route or real estate agent. I can't remember which came first.
Hidden Talent: Hog calling
Most Embarrassing Moment: I could tell you, but then I have to kill each and everyone of you and I just don't have the time.
Guilty Pleasure: Yelling at complete strangers
Currently In The CD Player: Phantasmic
Best Way to Make You Laugh: Nitrous Oxide
You've Been Handed The Keys To A Time Machine. Where Are You Going To Go First?: Bathroom
Thing You Can't Do To Save Your Life: Roll up sleeping bags, play video games
Most Prized Possession: My grandfather's wedding ring, a '72 Rickenbacker, and a picture of my wife
Best Gift Ever Received: '72 Rickenbacker from my Mom and Dad
Most Memorable Meeting: Tony Bennett
Worst Movie You've Ever Seen: Hudson Hawk
You've Been Made President of the United State For The Day. What Are You Going To Do?: Take the day off
Cartoon Character That Reminds You of You: Hong Kong Phooey
Word or Phrase You Most Overuse: "What's my number?"
Write Your Own Epitaph: That's pretty sick!
Question No One Has Ever Asked You Before?: Write your own epitaph
Answer: Guess
What Product Would You Definitely Endorse If Asked?: The Flo-Bee
Dream Car: '60's Porsche
First Christian Album: Doppelganger-Daniel Amos
Goofiest Thing You Believed As A Child: That I wasn't on earth
Worst Trouble You Got In As A Child: A light spanking for general disobedience
Most Incredible Date: Leigh and I at Cornerstone '95
Worst Thing About Traveling With 2 Other Guys: Getting beat up and uneven basketball
If A Movie Was Made Of Your Life, Who Should Play You?: Whoopi Goldberg
If Music Wasn't Your Career, What Do You think You'd Be Doing?: I'd be a shepherd
If You Were An Animal, What Would You Be?: An animal! C'mon, give me a hard one!
Number Of Speeding Tickets (be honest): 4
First Car: Pumpkin Orange, VW Rabbit


VACATION SPOT: What's vacation
BOOKS: Hotel Insomnia & Simic
MOVIE: Charade & JFK
FOOD: croutons
ALBUMS: Tim-Replacements; Armed Forces-Elvis Costello
TV SHOW: X-Files, Cops, David Letterman
COLOR: blue
CITY: Cashtown, PA
ICE CREAM FLAVOR: anything chocolate
FAST FOOD DRIVE-THRU ORDER: "the number 3, please"
SOAP: whatever's available
PASTIME: sleeping
HOBBIES: drag racing
PIZZA: Shakey's Pepperoni
BIBLE VERSE: Phil 4:6-7
SHAMPOO: Aveda - clove
CHILDHOOD TOY: Six Million Dollar Man Doll
BOARD GAME: Scrabble
SPORTS TEAM: St. Paul Saints
70s SITCOM: Chico and the Man
SONG: "More Than This"-Roxy Music; "Healer"-Sixpence
HANGOUT: Bryant Lake Bowl in Minneapolis

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