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The PfR Project




Joel Hanson Bio

Full Name: Joel David Hanson
Aliases/Nicknames: Giblore
Born Where and When: Renton, Washington, November 8, 1966
Family Stats: Wife Kathy and a Chocolate Lab named Hershey
Favorite Lyric From A Song: "In the courts of compassion I hope we can appeal to the better angels of our nature…."-Wayne Kirkpatrick or "Tonight we’re gonna rock you…tonight…"-Spinal Tap
First Job: Paper route
Hidden Talent: Singing like Barry Manilow
Most Embarrassing Moment: None, I am a rock…I am an island
Guilty Pleasure: CMT (Country Music Television)
Currently In The CD Player: Del Amitry, ELO Greatest Hits, Dogs of Peace
Best Gross-Out Story: Swallowed my own vomit in class to avoid getting sick on the girl sitting in front of me.
Most Annoying Habit: Singing like Barry Manilow
Thing You Can't Do To Save Your Life: Act like I’m mad, I’m too nice.
Most Prized Possession: My wedding band
Best Gift Ever Received: A motorcycle from my wife
Worst Movie You've Ever Seen: Black Sheep
Best Advice You've Ever Been Given: Don’t put your tongue on that.
Cartoon Character That Reminds You of You: Ariel from The Little Mermaid.
Future Plans: Spend more time at home. Spend less money.
Word or Phrase You Most Overuse: Uh…you gonna eat that?
Write Your Own Epitaph: No
Question No One Has Ever Ask You Before: Do you hear those voices, too?
Answer: Which voices?
Dream Car: Mid-70’s Toyota Landcruiser
Pet Peeves: Thumpies
Collection(s): Lint
What Product Would You Definitely Endorse If Asked: Blue Blockers
Worst Trouble You Got Into As A Child: Started a fire in the backyard. Had to visit the fire station. Bad.
First Christian Album: Town to Town Phil Keaggy
Best Thing About Traveling With 2 Other Guys: 3 words: Tag Team Wrestling!
Worst Thing About Traveling With 2 Other Guys: Uh…gas?
Dream Role In A Movie: To be cast in The Return of the Killer Tomatoes
If A Movie Was Made Of Your Life, Who Should Play You?: A manly Martha Stewart?
Wedding Day Memory: My brother setting off a laughing ball machine right before I kissed Kathy. Thanks, Jade.
Scar Story: I have a small scar on my forehead from pulling the iron off the ironing board as a child


VACATION SPOT: North shore of MN
BOOKS: Ragamuffin Gospel, Abba’s Child - Brennan Manning
MOVIE: Raising Arizona
FOOD: chicken
ALBUMS: Magic Christian Music; Bad Finger; Brian White
HYMN: Twila Paris "Lamb of God"
TV SHOW: ESPN 2 Motorcross
COLOR: red
CITY: Seattle
BREAKFAST CEREAL: Honey bunches of Oats
ICE CREAM FLAVOR: Butter Brickle
FAST FOOD DRIVE-THRU ORDER: Number 4 at McDonald’s
SOAP: Zest
HOBBIES: woodworking, canoeing, biology
COLOGNE: no thanks
PIZZA: Pepperoni
BIBLE VERSE: Isaiah 41:13
BOARD GAME: Scrabble
SEASON: summer
SPORTS TEAM: Phoenix Suns
70s SITCOM: Good Times

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